March 8-10,  2019  
International Conference on Molecular Basis of Diseases & Therapeutics
Central University of Rajasthan

March 08-10, 2019
Unique opportunity to meet leading scientists throughout the globe
Opportunity to:
*Develop networks
* Share resources
*Seek jobs for young scholars

Fastest growing, newly established Central University
Central University of Rajasthan

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treatment can be devised that will work for you. It is also driven by the conviction that signals of disease are apparent well before the disease appears (at which point it may be too late). We simply need to recongnize what those signals are.

So we need two things: first, we need ways of predicting and detecting disease well before it becomes life threatening; and second, we need medicines that work for you and your unique body.

Pieter Cullis, Author of  “The Personalized Medicine Revolution: How Diagnosing and Treating Diseases Are About to Change Forever”

This is what that explains the focus of 

ICMBDT- 2019


International Conference on Molecular Basis of Diseases & Therapeutics- 2019

International Conference on Molecular Basis of Diseases and Therapeutics (ICMBDT)-2019 is an International conference being organized by the School of Life Sciences, Central University of Rajasthan. This is a key conference dealing mainly with various issues in the broad area of molecular medicine in the format of debates and discussions, and allowing liberal avenues for speaker-participant interactions. ICMBDT-2019 gives key-opinion leaders from India and around the world, an opportunity to effectively debate basic research, clinical and therapeutic dilemmas, and other key issues faced by researchers and clinicians in their research studies and daily practices, respectively.
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