March 8-10,  2019  
International Conference on Molecular Basis of Diseases & Therapeutics
Central University of Rajasthan

March 08-10, 2019
Unique opportunity to meet leading scientists throughout the globe
Opportunity to:
*Develop networks
* Share resources
*Seek jobs for young scholars

Fastest growing, newly established Central University
Central University of Rajasthan

Best Poster Awards

Young Scientist Awards

Travel Awards

Dr. S. Tapryal, Dept. of Biotechnology

Dr. Devesh Sharma, Dept. of Env. Science

Dr. J. N. Shukla, Dept. of Biotechnology

Dr. Chobe Shivaji, Dept. of Yoga

Dr. S. T. Vaiphei, Dept. of Biotechnology

 Dr. Devesh Sawant, Dept. of Pharmacy

Dr. Vijay Verma, Dept. of Microbiology

Dr. K. K. Tejavath, Dept. of Biochemistry

Dr. Shiv Swaroop, Dept. of Biochemistry

Dr. A. P. Singh, Dept. of Microbiology

Dr. D. Prusty, Dept. of Biochemistry

Dr. Kaisar Raza, Dept. of Pharmacy

Dr. Ajay Pal Nat, Dept. of Sports

Dr. Nidhi Pareek, Dept. of Microbiology